In-Car Tracker

Right now, you can find that the sales of car gps tracker is increasing. In fact, the sale has doubled. There are various reasons as to why this can happen. Not only car gps tracker can be really useful, but now the tracker have better designs with better screen and brighter colors. Not to mention that the gps trackers nowadays have become even more accurate than before. You will also find the features such as maps and directions highly useful. There are also added features like traffic allerts which means you no longer need to worry about getting caught in a traffic jam.

Types of Tracker

There are two different types of tracking system basically: passive tracking system and active tracking system. Both of these sytems need a device that will save the location of the vehicle. Aside from location, this device can also store the speed of the vehicle. This kind of data usually is then used for evaluation.

The difference between passive tracking system and active tracking system is that in passive tracking system, the data can only be downloaded once the vehicle has reached its predetermined destination. In the case of passive tracking system, you can get the data regarding the vehicle on almost real time.


There are many functions of car gps tracker. For personal use, it can be used to recover a stolen car. If your car is stolen then you need to activate the tracking unit that will transmit signal that can be followed.

Car gps tracker is also often used by fleet operators to do various functions such as routing the fleet, track it and dispatch it. This technology can also be used to improve the security. Companies also use this kind of technology to track their valuable assets as to make sure that their asset is in good hand still.